Silver Jubilee Trophy Winners
2023 Mrs P Mawdsley & Mrs A Garner Ashton-in-Makerfield
2022 Mrs S Hadden & Mrs S Griffith Royal Birkdale
2021 Mrs J Graff & Mrs M Sexton Lee Park
2020 No competition - Covid  
2019 Mrs L France & Mrs JLeadbetter Southport and Ainsdale
2018 Mrs L Rimmer and Mrs M Krasner Lee Park
2017 Miss S King and Miss R Bamber Southport Old Links
2016 Miss S King and Miss H Guest Huyton and Prescot
2015 Mrs K Smith and Mrs J Williams Ashton-in-Makerfield
2014 Mrs P Green and Mrs J Priestley Hillside
2013 Mrs P Green and Mrs J Priestley Hillside
2012 Mrs D Hesketh and Mrs M James Ormskirk
2011 Mrs C R Rodwell and Mrs S Johnson Hesketh
2010 Mrs J P Simmonds and Dr N Moriarty Royal Birkdale
2009 Mrs H Graham and Mrs B Murray Dean Wood
2008 Mrs S Maher and Mrs M Elliott Huyton and Prescot
2007 Mrs P Roberts and Mrs C Howard Widnes
2006 Mrs B Cheetham and Mrs J Towse Formby Ladies
2005 Mrs P M G Unsworth and Mrs J F Longworth Royal Birkdale
2004 Mrs P M G Unsworth and Mrs J F Longworth Royal Birkdale
2003 Mrs J L Henthorn and Mrs P M G Unsworth Royal Birkdale
2002 Mrs T H S Gerard and Mrs A Smith Ormskirk
2001 Mrs R Hodson and Mrs J Rosen Lee Park
2000 Mrs J M Allen and Mrs K Norris Wigan
1999 Mrs J Roberts and Mrs B Jones Widnes
1998 Mrs E Steele and Mrs A M Hunt Widnes
1997 Mrs K Y Buckels and Mrs CA Hilton Hindley Hall
1996 Mrs V Anderson and Mrs H Jamson West Lancashire
1995 Mrs J H Griffiths and Mrs W Smith Huyton and Prescot
1994 Mrs P M Carney and Mrs R Burkey Lee Park
1993 Mrs M Lester and Mrs N A Edwards Dean Wood
1992 Mrs M D Davies and Mrs S Eckersley Haydock Park
1991 Mrs J G Graham and Mrs D Rimmer Southport and Ainsdale
1990 Mrs C M Heaton and Miss C Ball Hindley Hall
1989 Mrs A J Kilshaw and Mrs B Critchley Widnes
1988 Mrs G H W Bray and Miss K H Santus Dean Wood
1987 Mrs W Mellings and Mrs R Sellers Dean Wood
1986 Mrs W C Caunce and Mrs E 1 Linton Ormskirk
1985 Mrs KV Linkman and Mrs E Kay Hindley Hall
1984 Mrs E Barnes and Dr M O'Brien Grange Park