Adopted at the Annual General Meeting held on October 6th, 1959

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The Rules of the Society

  1. Title
    The Title of the Society shall be 'The Liverpool Society of Lady Golf Captains'.

    2. Membership
    Membership is confined to the following:
    (1) Lady Captains and Ex-Captains of Golf Clubs having their own links situated in the South West area of Lancashire as designated by the Lancashire Ladies' County Golf Association.
    (2) Lady Captains and Ex-Captains of Golf Clubs having their own links not covered by rule 2(1) whom the committee may decide to admit to membership.

    3. Objects
    (1) To do all things as should be done in the opinion of the Committee of the Society in the best interests of the Golf Clubs of the members and the game of golf in general.
    (2) To organise and control competitions open to members of the Society and to ensure the continuance of such competitions and in the event of any Donor supplying any Trophy to be played for by the members of the Society to carry out the Donor's wishes in regard to such Trophy or Trophies.
    (3) To keep all records of the Society's competitions and to arrange for the safe custodies of any Trophies.
    (4) To arrange social functions for members of the Society.

    4. The Annual Meeting
    Shall be held on such dates and at such places as shall be decided by the Committee.

    5. Committee
    The management of the Society shall be vested in a Committee consisting of the Captain, the three immediate ex-Captains, the Hon. Treasurer, Secretary and Competitions Secretary, who shall be ex-officio members of the Committee. At the first Annual General Meeting only, four other members of the Society shall be elected as members of the Committee, two of whom shall retire at the end of the year. Thereafter, at each Annual General Meeting two members shall be elected to serve for two years. Any members serving on the Committee for two consecutive years shall not be eligible for re-election for one year.

    In the event of any person elected to serve on the Committee retiring during the first year of office the vacancy so ensuing shall be filled at the next Annual General Meeting.

    Nominations of members to serve on the Committee must be received by the Hon. Secretary and Treasurer at least seven days before the Annual General Meeting.

    6. Captains
    The Society shall at the Annual General Meeting appoint from the members a Captain who shall be Chairman of the Society and Committee for the following year.

    7. Hon. Treasurer and Secretary
    The Society shall appoint an Hon. Secretary and Treasurer who shall remain in office for a period of three years, then annually at the discretion of the Committee. The Committee shall appoint the office of Competition Secretary (A.G.M. 2019).

    8. Subscriptions
    The annual subscription per member shall be as the Committee shall decide, and shall be payable in advance by the 1st November each year. If subscriptions are not received by this date it will be taken for granted that the member does not wish to continue membership. Any Lady who has been a member of the Society for 40 years (A.G.M. 2022) to be granted Honorary Member Status.

    9. Nominations for Committee
    Nominations may be sent in by any member after the consent of the nominee has been obtained.